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Retirement Planning

Comprehensive Retirement Planning
toward a confident Future

Comprehensive retirement planning may help you with your goal to live your best years in comfort with financial confidence. At North Point Wealth Management, our advisors provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of how your current financial portfolio supports your retirement goals.

Components of a Retirement Plan

Many individuals rely on multiple sources of income throughout retirement. As a result, your retirement portfolio may include any number of the following types of accounts:


Personal Retirement Accounts, Including Employer-Sponsored Programs, 401k Plans, & IRAs

Social Security

Our advisors will help you understand how each of these accounts supports your retirement goals. We will help you evaluate your financial plan based on factors including minimum withdrawal requirements, expected taxes, spending goals, and projected inflation.

Steps To a Retirement Plan

  Develop spending goals for retirement. This gives you a rough estimate of spending needs so you can determine how much income your investments must provide. 

  Establish how much time you have to save before retiring. This time horizon will shape how much you need to save each year to meet your financial goals. 

  Assess your risk tolerance, keeping in mind that how much risk you take will likely change as retirement approaches. 

  Plan for taxes on investments. 

Comprehensive Retirement Planning

Don't be caught off guard when the time for retirement arrives. Let our advisors at North Point Wealth Management help with your goal of developing a sound plan that accounts for probable variables. Contact us at (971) 371-4414 to schedule a consultation.

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