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Support Services

transition services

transition services

A smooth and easy transition is what you can expect. You will receive a dedicated transition team to take care of the heavy lifting. The Transition process represents the initial phase of your new practice redefined – the one in which you enjoy the freedom to practice business as you’ve always imagined. You can expect a streamlined transition process toward true independence to help you pursue your business goals. Our objective is to allow you to focus the majority of your time on what’s most important – managing client relationships and transferring assets as quickly as possible to increase return on investment.

supported independence

supported independence

Having the right support, guidance and tools is imperative to success. Run your business with ease while growing and taking your practice to another level. North Point provides not only the physical tools you need, but the extra support that can help you focus on what really matters: your clients. We’ve cultivated professional partnerships and alliances in specialized fields, allowing us to quickly assemble experienced teams to serve your needs, no matter how complex.

We offer:

  • Furnished Class A office space and conference rooms
  • Client care - white glove care and support to your clients
  • Administrative resources and practice support
  • Office equipment (copier, printer, phone line, scanner, etc.)
  • Trading Support / Investment guidance / Portfolio Construction
  • Business development / Consulting / Segmentation / Solutions
  • Marketing / Technology / Social Media / Financial Planning
  • Advanced training and development prorams
  • Compliance support
  • Thought leadership and cutting-edge research that provides insights into key markets and the industry
  • Diverse products and solutions
  • Onboarding & Transition - dedicated assistance for a smooth experience
  • Succession planning / Business continuity / Mergers & Acquisitions
  • And, so much more! 
succession planning

succession planning

Advisors who have sought us out have explained in detail why they chose to become a PWA partner, and it comes down to one key segment: our succession and acquisition model is battle tested and works for those planning retirement now or in the future.

Highlights of the model include:

  • Successions that are customized to our advisors’ wishes. We make it as easy as possible on them, and we work to get favorable terms available for the deal structure.
  • Confidence that a team ensemble exists. Our advisors realize they are not just a solo practitioner, and our team will truly care for their clients as much as they do.
  • The understanding that our advisors’ support team is their family. And the clients depend on the entire team.
  • Knowledge and youth. Our principals have over 50 years of combined experience but are young enough to continue to shepherd clients for the next 25+ years.
  • Real partners in transition. We are accountable to our advisors throughout the process.
  • RIA support. We have the strength and support of one of the largest independent firms in the country, LPL Financial.


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